The Bombo Music Festival



Since its inception in 1985, The Bombo Music Festival has not only become a regular special “Christmas Gift” of Bombo Radyo Philippines to the people of Western Visayas, it has in fact become a tradition among Filipinos that missing to stage it will surely leave the Filipinos with nothing spectacular to anticipate in the first day of the Yuletide month.

This is how Filipinos have come to nurture a passion for excellent Filipino music developed out of the past Ilonggo Music Festivals. This is very apparent in the overwhelming public acceptance of and positive response towards the Ilonggo Music Festival songs.

Historically, the Bombo Music Festival was born out of Bombo Radyo Philippines’ commitment to bring to higher heights the awareness and love for our own music and culture, widen the avenue for development of Filipino musical talents, and eventually bring prestige to the Filipinos. Our commitment has become a tradition of our people. And in pursuit of that commitment, the tradition has to move on. Hence, Bombo Radyo Philippines is launching this year’s edition of Bombo Music Festival: “An original song writing competition”.


1) To intensify the awareness and widen the opportunity for the appreciation of our culture through singing and listening to Filipino songs.

2) To provide greater opportunity for Filipino musical talents to excel and compete in the music industry while contributing and enriching the Filipino musical heritage.

3) To create wider avenue of exposure for Filipino songwriters and artists thereby bringing pride and prestige to the Filipinos.

4) To heighten the promotion of Filipino culture by way of excellence in the field of music.


1) This is a songwriting competition open for all citizens of the Philippines under the auspices of Bombo Radyo and Star FM stations.

2) There will be only one (1) category in this contest. Thus, the songs should be with wholly original melody and lyrics written in Local Dialect, English or Filipino.

3) A national screening committee will decide for the 12 finalists who will perform live at the CPU Rose Memorial Auditorium on January 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM.


Enrico Jacomille


Warren French

Vice- Chairman / Visayas Coordinator

John Felco Talento

Physical Arrangement

Champ Jover


Roger Gencianeo